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20 Best Home Gym Equipment to Buy in 2020

20 Best Home Gym Equipment to Buy in 2020

Make the most of your fitness routine for the year. Build your own home gym and conveniently do exercise at your own pace. Building a gym will require the equipment. Here are 20 home gym equipment that you can buy in 2020.

1) Eliptical Bike – White

Here’s a dual function bike that’s easy to use. You can easily transition from walking to jogging with the Elliptical Bike at Desire Gym. The bike features 8 magnetic tension controls. You can easily shift from easy to advanced workout with this elliptical bike.

2) DBB Advance

Do basic sit-ups with the DBB ADVANCE. A home gym equipment that comes with a rope. You can easily do stretching for upper body exercise. Have it delivered to your address from Desire Gym.

3) Treadmill 4.0

Another gym equipment that p[erfect to set up at home is the Treadmill 4.0 from Desire Gym. It has 12 auto fitness programs that make your workout quick. The equipment features a screen indicator that lets you check your pulse rate, time, speed, calories burned, distance, and you can listen to the music while doing your fitness run.

4) Handle Bar Stepper

The Handlebar Stepper lets you work on your thighs and buttocks. The handle of this equipment lets you stay put while working out. It features the LCD monitor to let you track time, calories burned and count. Perfect for all of you who do not have the time to go outdoors for a run.

5) Spinning Bike 8.5

A spinning bike that’s great for home use. The Spinning Bike 8.5 from Desire Gym features a 4-way adjustable seat 7 handlebar for a perfect fit. The pedals are anti-slip that keep your feet in place while biking.

6) Pedal Exercise Bike

Here’s another gym equipment that’s worth buying this year. The Pedal Exercise Bike features a non-slip pedal surface and molded finger grips. You’ll feel comfortable and safe with the adjustable toe loops attached to the bike.

7) Cable Cross Compact

If you’re working out every muscle of your body, this Cable Cross Compact is perfect to buy. It features large pulleys that will enhance your bodybuilding exercise. The equipment comes with a multi-grip chin bar for added features.

8) Jetstream Home Gym

A home gym equipment that lets you do a full-body workout. The Jetstream Home Gym features 20 + workout tools. This is already a full gym in one equipment. It is perfect to buy and get at home. You will always have time for your fitness routine at this home gym.

9) Shaker Compact

The Shaker compact lets you do several fitness exercises. You can work on your abs, thighs, and buttocks with this equipment. It is so compact that you can easily keep the item. You just need to place it in your home gym space and when you have time, you just step on it and you’re good.

10) NBR Yoga Mat 10mm

If you’re into YOGA, this NBR YOGA Mat is a good buy. It features a non-slip surface. So, even if you’re all sweaty, you will not have a hard time doing your YOGA poses on this mat. It’s moisture-resistant and you can easily wash and clean this YOGA mat.

11) Yoga Pilates Toning Ring

Build and tone your muscles with the YOGA Pilates Toning Ring. This is another home gym equipment that’s great to buy this year. This ring does not break and it is lightweight and portable. You’ll feel safe doing your thing on this ring since it features pads on both sides.

12) Yoga Brick

Complete your Yoga or Pilates workout with this YOGA brick from Desire Gym. This ultra-lightweight brick is durable and easy to wash. You can always clean it and store it in a safe place after every fitness routine.

13) Chin Up Bar Extreme

Build a stronger upper body with this Chin Up Bar Extreme. The bar features 12 comfortable grips. It is so easy to do chin-ups, pull-ups or even sit-ups. You’ll want this delivered to your home by Desire Gym.

14) Push Up Board

Burn your calories and build strength with this Push Up Board. It’s premium cushioned and has non-slip hand grips. You can carry this anywhere because the board is portable. If you need to do push-ups at a different part of your house, just carry this over to your desired spot.

15) Push Up Bar

Make the most out of your push-ups with the Push Up Bar. You can set yourself in motion anytime with this home gym equipment. Have it delivered to your home address by Desire Gym. You’ll have more time toning your muscles when you have this at home.

16) Punching Bag Hook

Set up a Punching Bag Hook in the corner of your home gym space. You’ll have this ready for a punching bag. The hook is durable and it is all-weather equipment. This is perfect for your boxing training workout.

17) Punching Bag PU

Here’s a Punching Bag PU that you can hang on the Punching Bag Hook. Complete your boxing exercise with this punching bag from Desire Gym. This bag is made of PU material. It does not inflict pain on your knuckles because it is made smoothly.

18) Boxing Gloves

A pair of boxing gloves that’s comfortable to wear. This Boxing Gloves from Desire Gym is durable and has an exquisite design. This is perfect for a full boxing exercise in your home gym. Have this delivered to your home immediately.

19) Barbell Bench Compact

Last on the list is the Barbell Bench Compact. You’ll be able to do your weight lifting exercises on this bench. It is durable and is complete with the tools for weight lifting. You can easily set this up in your home gym.

Final Thoughts:

Make 2020 a great fitness year. To improve health and enhance your complete life’s outlook. Build a home gym to make your workout easier. You can conveniently do your daily exercise with a home gym. These home gym equipment are perfect to buy. All these are available at Desire Gym.

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