Other Services

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Gym Refurbishment

Importing second-hand or used gym equipment for your gym room can be a great way to save budget. Accessories replacement or repair will be essential to ensure the machines are well-functioning. We provide gym refurbishment to restore it to its former state for a better performance.

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Gym Installation

Installation of gym equipment can be time-consuming for the step-by-step assembling. Our experienced technician provides professional gym equipment installation to save your time and effort. Rest assured, the equipment will be perfectly assembled and safe to use.

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Gym Relocation

Moving the fitness studio to a new location is easy, but moving the heavy gym equipment is not. The relocation of the gym centre requires extra effort to protect the fitness supplies. Our team is skilled in gym equipment dismantlement, transportation and ensuring it is set up perfectly at the new location.

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Gym Set Up & Renovation Consultancy

Setting up a new fitness centre from scratch needs comprehensive planning as it definitely goes beyond just some exercise machines. Consider about the placement of equipment, layout planning or even flooring materials too. Our experienced gym renovation consultants offer professional advice to help build your own gym.

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Gym Equipment Service & Repair & Maintenance

Having a regular maintenance on gym equipment can ensure the product performance, user safety as well as extending the product life span. Schedule a gym equipment service, repair & maintenance periodically, so that you can reduce the unexpected machine downtime.

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Short-term Rental (For event/marketing campaigns use)

When you are looking for a cardio exercise machine or strength equipment for event or marketing campaign use, we understand buying might not be your preferred choice. We offer gym equipment rental packages customized to your needs on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Discuss your plan with us.