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How to master the use of the ‘Exercise Bike’ for efficient slimming

How to master the use of the 'Exercise Bike' for efficient slimming

How to master the use of the ‘Exercise Bike’ for efficient slimming


Tensions are high, so we have to train ourselves!

Mastering the use of exercise bikes to slim down efficiently

The exercise bike is one of the top three pieces of exercise equipment, but of course, there is a secret to it!

The first thing you need to understand is how to use the exercise bike, so let’s take a look at the correct way to use the bike and pay attention to the correct knowledge!


Spinning Bike 8.5
Spinning Bike 8.5

Exercise bike exercise method

  1. High-intensity workout methods for young people.

Warm-up: ride for five minutes, the speed should not be too fast.

High intensity: Ride for five minutes at 80%-100% of your own strength, then slow down and ride freely for five minutes.

Recovery: Ride at 50% of your body strength for ten minutes, then slow down gradually until you stop.

Strengthening: Young people can also choose to set up some difficult cycling conditions.


  1. Suitable fitness methods for middle-aged people.

Ride freely for about 20-30 minutes each time.

The speed of cycling can be controlled freely, with a slow pace at the beginning and a gradual increase in speed afterwards, but a gradual decrease before the end of the session.

When riding, pay attention to your breathing, so that you do not experience any shortness of breath.

In addition, you should consciously take the initiative to breathe.

It is also important to control the intensity of your cycling and generally keep your heart rate within the maximum range.

The upper limit = (220 – age) x 80% and the lower limit = (220 – age) x 60%, which is the maximum and minimum safe heart rate range.


Mistake - Exercise Bike Blog

Here is a list of things we do incorrectly when we exercise.

Mistake 1: Stance

Wrong cycling posture not only affects the exercise effect, but can easily cause damage to the body.

For example, nodding your legs outwards and nodding your head and hunching your back are all incorrect postures.

The correct posture: lean forward slightly, straighten your arms, tighten your abdomen, use abdominal breathing, keep your legs parallel to the crossbar of the bike, keep your knees and hips coordinated and pay attention to the rhythm of the ride.


Mistake 2: Movement

People generally think that pedaling is all about putting your foot down and spinning the wheel, but this is not true.

Proper pedaling should consist of four sequential movements: pedaling, pulling, lifting and pushing.

You should pedal downwards, then pull your lower leg back, then lift upwards and finally push forward to complete a full cycle.


Mistake 3: Speed

Many young people try to ride fast, pursuing only speed and strength in their workouts, which causes great damage to the body and can lead to water retention in the knee in serious cases.

The three main principles of exercise are volume, frequency, and intensity. It is advisable for beginners to find the right frequency for themselves before increasing the volume of exercise.

Each ride should have at least 20 minutes of high frequency and low speed (i.e., more laps and less effort) to warm up and make your body slightly sweaty.


The body should be slightly sweaty. Get moving‼ A must-have for home health management!




Even in the worst of conditions, exercise bike indoors can help you achieve your fitness goals.

The stationary bike has various cardiovascular advantages in addition to helping you build muscle strength, reduce body fat, and lose weight while being gentle on your joints.


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