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What Makes Commercial Gym Equipment Better?

Commercial GYM Equipment vs Home GYM Equipment

Why Is It Several Times More Expensive?

Many people don’t understand why commercial gym equipment is more expensive than home gym equipment.

First of all, we need to understand the concept of what commercial gym equipment is.

As the name implies, commercial gym equipment is mainly used in corporate gyms, health clubs, hotel gyms and other occasions.

Compared to the home, these occasions have a higher intensity of use, more frequent use of frequency.

For example, in a health club, a treadmill may need to run continuously for ten hours a day.

But at home, it may only need to run for two hours.

In a hotel, there may be 150kg of people using the equipment.

But at home, the weight of the user may only be 70kg.

These factors need to be considered in the manufacture of commercial gym equipment, resulting in its high cost.

The price, however, is largely determined by the cost. It is clear to understand why commercial gym equipment costs more than home gym equipment.


To sum up the following points.

  1. Cost of designs

First is the appearance design.

Commercial gym equipment generally attaches great importance to the appearance design, because considering the use of occasions.

To match these high-end use occasions with the previous article, must choose a better appearance design.


Second is product design.

Compared to home gym equipment, commercial gym equipment requires a more scientific design to cope with the high intensity of use and professional use requirements.

The design of commercial gym equipment is often more in line with the human body’s exercise needs. With specific gym equipment for each muscle group, leading to higher research and development costs.


  1. Cost of materials used

For example, treadmills require higher horsepower motors and strength equipment requires higher strength steel.

Which are different compared to home fitness equipment.

The high cost of materials also leads to the high price of commercial fitness equipment.


  1. Cost of functionality

Some of the gym equipment in health clubs have different functions than those in the home.

For example, dynamic cycling, which may require a real-time competition function.

Treadmills, which may require a virtual reality function, and so on.

To increase the fun of exercise to attract customers into the shop.

All these features come at a greater cost.


As an example, we will next compare the differences between our treadmills for commercial and home use.

What is the difference between a commercial treadmill and a home treadmill?

Follow the us to find out and learn the selection skills of treadmill!

We shall examine three areas in which the two treadmills differ from one another below.

Firstly, price

The price of a home treadmill is around RM 1,000 to RM 5,000, while the price of a commercial treadmill is usually over RM 5,000, and some of the better ones are over RM 10,000.

According to this price at the beginning, you can generally determine whether it is a home treadmill or a commercial one.

In fact, the home treadmill is enough to meet the needs of individual families, and some of the functions of commercial treadmill designed for commercial use are not used by individuals, so it is necessary to pay attention to whether there is a need to spend more money for functions that are not needed.


What Makes Commercial Gym Equipment Better?, Desire Gym
AMA Treadmill 7.0 AC – Commercial Treadmill

AMA Treadmill 7.0 AC
(WhatsApp for Quotation)
Treadmill TT600
(RM 1,399)

What Makes Commercial Gym Equipment Better?, Desire Gym
GYM & Fitness – TREADMILL TT600


Secondly, the weight capacity

What Makes Commercial Gym Equipment Better?, Desire Gym
DesireGYM – Load-Bearing Capacity

The load-bearing capacity refers to the maximum value of the weight imposed on the treadmill by the human body when running on the treadmill. The load bearing capacity of home treadmill is generally within 100kg, the load bearing capacity of commercial treadmill is larger than that of home treadmill, which will reach 150 to 170kg.

This commercial treadmill is made of thickened and thickened steel, with a safe load capacity of 320kg, with a solid base design in the shape of a black swan, and a three-dimensional protective shell, with a more secure load capacity.

Thirdly, the area of the running belt

What Makes Commercial Gym Equipment Better?, Desire Gym
GYM & Fitness – Treadmill

Commercial treadmills need to meet the needs of people of various heights, so the running belt is relatively long and wide, the general length is above 150cm and the width is above 55cm.

The width and length of the treadmill is not too demanding, and it can meet the needs of users. This home treadmill is based on the ordinary model to create the runway, “full screen” runway does not take up space but has a larger area.


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