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What are the best Running Machines in Malaysia

DesireGYM - Running Machine
DesireGYM - Running Machine
DesireGYM – Running Machine

Is a treadmill a running machine?

A treadmill is a machine typically used for stationary walking, jogging, or climbing.

The use of a treadmill is a very practical solution if the weather prevents you from going for a run or if you have kids at home who prevent you from leaving the house at times.

As they produce a controlled atmosphere, these running machines are also an excellent tool for carrying out scheduled exercises.

Your pace, inclination, interval, and recovery time may all be more precisely controlled on an electronic treadmill.

If you sign up for apps like Zwift or Run Social, which let you run alongside other people in a virtual world, you may feel more motivated to complete these types of sessions in this setting rather than attempting them on your own outside.


What to look for in a treadmill

Size: You’ll likely need a folding treadmill that can be packed away when not in use unless you’re fortunate enough to have a home gym or extra room where you can leave the treadmill permanently unfolded. When not in use, several of the choices on this list can be tucked under the couch.

Highest speed: You don’t want to be irritated by the treadmill’s top speed and unable to go as quickly as you are capable of. To assist you in making the best choice, we’ve compiled the best speeds for each treadmill on our list.

Cost: You’ve probably noticed that the budget treadmills frequently run out of stock. Nevertheless, don’t be deterred by the higher price tag; a treadmill is an investment, and many manufacturers let you spread the payments out over a year. Consider it similar to purchasing a gym membership.

Tech: If all you’re looking for is a reliable treadmill for some recovery runs, tech is probably the last thing on your mind. However, given that more current models also include features like live courses and touchscreen access to TV streaming services, it’s important to compare the features of each machine before choosing one.


The best Treadmills in Malaysia

Get going! The treadmills listed below are all available for purchase at DesireGym.

  1. Treadmill Plus

    1. Best for: A multifunctional treadmill for home.


Treadmill PLUS (Demo Set)
Treadmill PLUS

GYM & Fitness - Treadmill
GYM & Fitness – Treadmill

Run at home and enjoy sweating with treadmill plus!

The 2.5HP running machine comes with rubber cushioning system for joint protection, support max user weight up to 120kg!

Easy folding mechanism and a soft drop system to help you fold and unfold your treadmill safely and with ease

  1. Treadmill P100

    1. Best for: People looking for a small, extremely folding treadmill

Treadmill P100
Treadmill P100

Treadmill P100
Treadmill P100

Treadmill P100
Treadmill P100

The best folding treadmill with transfer wheels for simple movement.

Furthermore, this treadmill is very slim and convenient for users to store.

Ongoing training? With the treadmill p100’s simple folding mechanism, you can work out whenever and wherever you choose!

  1. Treadmill S1

    1. Best for: People who are worried about noise and damage to the floor.

Treadmill S1
Treadmill S1

GYM & Fitness - Treadmill
GYM & Fitness – Treadmill

GYM & Fitness - Treadmill
GYM & Fitness – Treadmill

No more concerns about disturbances to your floors or noise while you run at home!

The 2.0 hp s1 treadmill has a 5-layer anti-vibration system and can handle users weighing up to 110kg!


Running on a treadmill – the tools to help

Of course, running on a treadmill can’t truly compare to running outside, but there are several items that might be useful if you decide to exercise indoors.

Building a workout – Boredom is a major factor in why many runners dislike indoor workouts.

Why not give one of our treadmill workout a shot if recording your lengthy run while gazing at the time is enough to discourage you forever?



Treadmill running is people who want to keep healthy and have a regular workout program.

One of the finest workouts for shedding pounds and staying in shape is running.

Running on a treadmill gives extra tracking options in addition to making your normal workout routine interesting and engaging.


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