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5 Effective Exercises To Get Rid Of Back Fat

As you age, you’ll notice that stubborn fats cling to certain parts of your body. It can be annoying especially if these are back fats. You’d wish for the fats to get rid quickly. But the fact is, you need to find time to exercise in order to get rid of these stubborn fats.

Back fats can be hard to get rid of. Here are some effective exercises to finally get rid of the stubborn back fats.


You’ll need a pull-up bar for this exercise. Install it in your home gym and you’re good to go. Doing pull-ups right will get you your ideal body and add core strength. Here is the proper way to do pull-ups:

5 Effective Exercises To Get Rid Of Back Fat, Desire Gym

Negative Pull-Ups

  1. Place your hands on the pull-up bar with your palms facing your body.
  2. Slowly pull up your whole body with your chin reaching the bar.
  3. Slowly lower down your whole body in a controlled motion.
  4. Repeat the process from 5-10 minutes.

Full Body Pull-Ups

  1. Face your back to the pull-up bar.
  2. Slowly pull your whole body up. Hold for a quick 3 seconds.
  3. Slowly lower down your body in a controlled motion.
  4. Repeat for 5-10 minutes.

Dumbbell Rows

You’ll need a pair of dumbbells with this back toning exercise. A steady bench is also essential for this exercise.  Do this in your home gym for convenience. Here’s how to do the dumbbell rows correctly:

5 Effective Exercises To Get Rid Of Back Fat, Desire Gym

  1. Place your right knee on the bench while holding the dumbbell in your right hand. Keep the left foot grounded.
  2. Pull the dumbbell towards your armpit. Do this slowly while keeping your back straight.
  3. Slowly lower the arm while feeling the weight of the dumbbell. Keep a controlled motion when doing so.
  4. Do this motion for 6-12 sets. Then shift the motion to the other side of your foot.


You can do this exercise in your home gym. Prepare a YOGA mat where you can do the exercise. Proper push-up method:

5 Effective Exercises To Get Rid Of Back Fat, Desire Gym
Desire Gym Push Ups

  1. Place your whole body on the mat.
  2. Position your hand straight in front of you in a planking position.
  3. Keep your legs straight while your toes touch the mat.
  4. Slowly bring down your whole body.
  5. Feel the stretch the exercise does to your arms.
  6. Push back up to the planking position.
  7. Repeat the procedure 10-20 times for better results.

Superman Ball Lifts

Here’s another easy exercise that will get rid of your back fat. You’ll need an exercise ball and your YOGA mat for this workout. You can do this in your home gym. Here’s the proper way to do Superman Ball Lifts:

5 Effective Exercises To Get Rid Of Back Fat, Desire Gym
Desire Gym Ball Lift

  1. On your mat, lie down on your stomach.
  2. Stretch your arms in front of you while holding the exercise ball.
  3. Slowly lift your arms, knees, and chest off the floor while squeezing the ball.
  4. Then slowly go back to the original position in a controlled motion.
  5. Repeat this exercise 5-10 times.

Dumbbell Shrugs

Prepare your dumbbells and space in your home gym. This exercise is an effective way to get rid of back fat. Here’s the correct way to do dumbbell shrugs:

5 Effective Exercises To Get Rid Of Back Fat, Desire Gym
Desire Gym Dumbbell

  1. Stand up straight with your feet slightly apart.
  2. Hold the dumbbells in both your hands.
  3. Raise the dumbbells slowly as high as you can.
  4. Slowly put it down with your hands on your sides again.
  5. Rep[eat the exercise 10 times for the best results.

Final Thoughts:

We all need an effective workout to remove stubborn fats. These exercises listed take care of your back fat. When done right, you’ll get the best results immediately. What you’ll need is to commit and be consistent.

Once you are consistent, you’ll never see those back fats again. All the exercise equipment listed here are available at Desire Gym. Get it delivered to your address and start working out.

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