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7 Full Body Exercises You Can Do Everyday

Full Body Exercises You Can Do Everyday

Exercising every day will help you in keeping your body fit. There are different types of full-body exercises that’ll make your core strong. If you have a home gym, there is no excuse not to do any exercises at all. 

Here are some effective full-body exercises that you can do every day. 


Step-ups are easy to perform. You can do it in your home gym. You can do it every day. It’s a great full-body exercise that will give you the best results when done consistently. You just need a space and a block to do stepping ups. 

7 Full Body Exercises You Can Do Everyday, Desire Gym

How it’s done: You need to stand in front of an elevated surface. You can use a box or if you have an elevated place, that’s enough. Step your right leg on the box followed by your left. Make sure your feet are flat on the surface. Step down with the right leg going first followed by the left. Repeat the process with your other foot. Do this for 10 minutes a day. 


A plank keeps you steady but works well as a full-body exercise. It strengthens your spine and your core. Best for strengthening your legs too. You just need to do the standard plank correctly in order to get the perfect results.

7 Full Body Exercises You Can Do Everyday, Desire Gym

Here’s how to do it right: On your yoga mat, place your hands directly under your shoulders. Keep your back and your legs straight. Your toes have to touch the ground. Look at a spot on the floor while neutralizing your neck and your head. Make sure your head is in line with your spine. Be still for 20 seconds in this position. Do this every day to get the ideal body you want.


Here’s another full-body workout that you can do every day. The squats help build your muscles. It is easy to do. All you need is a space in your home gym. Do the squats right and you’ll get instant results.

7 Full Body Exercises You Can Do Everyday, Desire Gym

How to do it: Stand up and keep your feet on the ground. Keep your feet slightly apart. Go down slowly making sure your knees are behind your toes. Once you’re in a squat position, your hips should be below the top of your knee. Your chest must be kept up. Do not bend your back. Go back up and repeat the process for ten minutes. 


The best way to develop the upper part of your body is doing the pull-ups. It strengthens the muscle of your back and keeps your shoulders strong. You have to know the right positioning of your arms when doing pull-ups. This is a quick and easy way to get the best body. 

Doing Pull-Ups right: You need to have a pull-up bar in your home gym for this exercise. Hang on the bar with your palms facing away from you. Slowly pull yourself up until your chin rests on the bar. Gently lower down your body by controlling your weight. Do this a few minutes every day to get the ideal results.

Kettlebell Swings

This exercise is an alternative for running. It is a good aerobic exercise. The kettlebell swings keep your muscles strong and are a good fat burner. You do this right and you’ll get the best results.

7 Full Body Exercises You Can Do Everyday, Desire Gym

Here’s how to do the exercise: You’ll need to have a kettlebell for this exercise. Do this in your home gym for convenience. Stand straight while keeping your feet apart. Hold the kettlebell with both hands. Slowly swing the kettlebell towards the back by passing in between your legs. Make sure to bend your knees a little bit and feel the gravity pull the kettlebell while swinging it. Do this a few minutes every day.

Ball Twist

You’ll need an exercise ball for this full-body exercise. This is best to strengthen your core. Your whole body will move with a ball twist exercise. This is a quick exercise and you’ll get the ideal results in days.

How to do Ball Twist: in your home gym, stand against a wall. Slightly bend your knees while holding the exercise ball with both hands. The ball must be on the chest level. Once in position twist your body from side to side. Do this a few minutes a day and in due time you’ll have a strong core. 

Table-Top Leg Extension

A full-body workout that’s a great core strengthening exercise. The table-top leg extension also strengthens your knees and leg muscles. It also works best for your stomach. A simple exercise that can be done every day in your home gym.

Here’s the right way to do it: On a mat, prop yourself up. Make sure your knees are on the ground. The same goes for your arms. Stretch your right leg up while stretching your left hand. Make sure to feel the stretch in your arms and legs. Hold in the position for a few seconds and go back to the original position. Do it again, this time on the opposite leg and arm. 


Doing these full-body exercises every day will keep you fit. You just need to be gentle with your body too. Make sure you can endure a certain exercise in order to avoid injuries. These full-body exercises can be done daily. You can do it in your home gym.

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